HOPE Initative

                                                                                                                                                                                           1426 Broad Street, New Castle IN, 47362

Mission Statement

HOPE Initiative works diligently to ensure the dignity of citizens of New Castle and Henry County.




HOPE Initiative was actually born in January, 2008. Mayor Jim Small began the process by creating a task force on poverty; he had made a campaign promise to address poverty issues in the city. From several meetings, a framework for the task force emerged that surpassed the original purpose; eventually we called ourselves HOPE initiative. While yet deeply committed to addressing the area’s economic plight, the task force, with input of more than a hundred citizens, enlarged its territory to include all citizens of New Castle and surrounding areas: The mission would be to ensure that every citizen in this area be afforded dignity, no matter his/her station in life. We have gone initially to the basics: Is equitable thought given to every  part of the city and surrounding areas when it comes to cleanliness, safety, enforcement of ordinances, police protection, education for our children, family security and well-being, community spirit, health and entertainment. Our focuses include: 1) family/youth/health, 2) community involvement and public relations, and 3) business/government/education issues. Our several committees are charged with staying focused, looking for ways to collaborate with others on area challenges. Over 400 people have assisted one or more HOPE projects.


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