Wilbur Wright Birthplace & Museum

1525 N. 750 East, Hagerstown IN, 47346

Mission Statement

The purpose for which the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Preservation Society, hereafter known as the Society, is to educate the public by preserving and interpreting the birthplace, the accomplishments, and the family of Wilbur Wright.




Bishop Milton Wright purchased the house in 1865 for a price of $700. Wilbur Wright was born on the sire April 16, 1867. The original home was destroyed by fire in 1884. The State of Indiana purchased the site on April 1, 1929 at a cost of approximately $3500. Orville and Katherine Wright visited the site, once in 1923 and in 1949 to see a wright flier replica house that had been built. In 1955 the state of Indiana bulldozed the home, much to the dismay of the local residents who protested. The house was badly maintained over many years. The current home was built in 1974 by the State of Indiana. The site was operated by the state until 1988. In the 1990s DNR proposed moving the house to Summit Lake. At the direction of then Gov. Ed Whitcomb the WWBP Society on May 21, 1993 was given permission to maintain the birthplace for 3 years. At the end of the three on July 20, 1995 DNR voted unanimously to deed the site to the WWBPS, LLC. The deed was delivered in December 1995. For the past 29 years this group has maintained and improved the Birthplace home of Wilbur Wright. Relocating the shelter house, building and apartment, office, barn and museum. In 2001 the community room and replica of West Dayton was completed. The WWBP conducts education programs for youth.


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