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Match Day Q & A

What is Match Day?

Match Day is a one day event that allows individuals, businesses, and the foundation the opportunity  to support the nonprofit     organization(s) in Henry County that are helping meet the needs of our county. Match Day will be led by the Henry County Community Foundation (HCCF), to support the designated nonprofit organizations. Match Day will provide visibility to the participating nonprofit organizations, increase donor base, and receive donations for immediate needs.

When is Match Day?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm

How much will HCCF commit for Match Day?

HCCF has committed to $100,000 to proportionally match donations made from the community during a 24 hour period in 2017. The committed amount is from the Henry County Unrestricted Fund grant pool.

What is the Henry County Unrestricted Fund?

The Henry County Community Foundation makes annual grants from the Unrestricted Fund for Community Grants to support a range of needs in the community. The flexibility of the Unrestricted Fund allows the Foundation to respond to unexpected opportunities, creative proposals, and unforeseen emergencies in Henry County.

How much of the community’s Match Day contribution will be matched?

All gifts will be matched proportionately based on the total amount of money raised by, and on behalf of, each organization during the HCCF Match Day period. For example, if the total amount given by the community during the HCCF Match Day period is $50,000, and an organization raised $13,000 of the $50,000 (26%), then the organization will receive 26% percent of HCCF’s $100,000 match pool.

How will people make a gift?

Individuals can make a gift by cash, check (dated 7/19/17), and by credit card at the HCCF office, phone, or online at Gifts via mail will only be accepted if postmarked on July 19, 2017.

Who are checks payable to?

Checks are made payable to HCCF with the organization(s) name in the memo line.

Will the 2017 competitive grant cycle be different?

Yes, there will NOT be a 2017 Spring competitive grant cycle. There will only be ONE competitive grant cycle in 2017. The ONLY 2017 competitive grant cycle will be in the Fall.

If an organization participates in Match Day can they apply for the Fall competitive grant cycle?

No, if a nonprofit organization participates in Match Day they will NOT be eligible to participate in the Fall competitive grant cycle. The 2017 Fall competitive grant cycle will only be open to nonprofit organizations that are NOT participating in Match Day.

Are Henry County nonprofit organizations aware of the 2017 competitive grant cycle change?

HCCF announced the change via social media, press release, website, and at the 2016 Fall grant cycle workshop. HCCF will continue to communicate this change via website and e-newsletters.

Are there requirements for the nonprofits participating in Match Day?

Yes, the Match Day nonprofit organizations will have required meetings, a toolkit (provided by HCCF) that will outline the responsibilities of participating nonprofits, templates for successful and consistent messaging, and HCCF will provide a variety of marketing materials for the participating nonprofits to distribute.

Will HCCF apply an administration fee to Match Day community gifts for processing, acknowledgements, postage, ect.?

No, HCCF will waive all fees related to administration of Match Day gifts.


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