Henry County Community Foundation Scholarships

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards your higher education.  Our scholarship program is made of separate funds created by donors who establish specific criteria for the scholarships.  Each scholarship has its own purpose, selection and eligibility criteria.  All scholarships are competitive and will be selected based on the pool of qualified applicants.  Scholarship awards are paid directly to the educational institutions where the student is enrolled.

Important Note: Beginning in 2018, all scholarship applications must be submitted online via the application website, Community Force.  Please use our Scholarship Search to determine your eligibility for scholarships prior to applying.

In helping you prepare for your finances, below is an estimated award key.  Be advised, small fluctuations may occur with award amounts based on investments.

Scholarship Award Range Key:
$100-$499 = $
$500-$999 = $$
$1000 and over =$$$

Check out our FAQ, found in the right sidebar! Direct any unanswered questions to Katina Reedy, Program Director, katina@henrycountycf.org or call 765-529-2235.



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