Field of Interest Grants

Field of Interest funds allow donors to address an issue or cause they care deeply about without naming specific charities. The Foundation takes a contributor’s concerns into consideration when making grants to appropriate programs that fit within the donor’s category of concern. Grants are made to 501c3 organizations only. Organizations should apply through the online application.


Field of Interest funds receive an annual payout that varies from year to year. Grant monies will be distributed until those funds are exhausted for the fiscal year.

501c3 organizations that have received grants from Field of Interest funds will be noted under those funds. Such funds are no longer making grants for the year and have been removed from the application pool.


The Field of Interest funds listed below have an online application through which eligible Henry County, Indiana 501c3 organizations may apply for funds. Grant applications will be reviewed by an internal committee. Please review fund descriptions to see if your organization is eligible to apply for a specific grant fund.

  • All4Kids Fund—designated for Henry County children who have conditions that can be helped through a camp or program other than direct medical assistance. Examples include: diabetes camp, equestrian therapy programs, Make-A-Wish.
  • Jack and Kathy Anderson Endowment Fund—designated to help young people in New Castle-Henry County community grow in their development of learning, experiencing and mastering a foreign language.
  • Gerald K. Hodson and Helen L. Hodson Endowment Fund—designated to provide enrichment services for people suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and people who are crippled, needy, handicapped and elderly.
  • Robert and Sally Howard Endowment Fund—designated to assist organizations serving young people in Henry County. (still granting)
    • New Castle High School-2018
  • Knightstown Pay It Forward Community Fund—designated for community improvement for the town of Knightstown.
  • Mental Health Association of Henry County—designated for programs and activities that promote good mental health in Henry County.
*Field of Interest funds not listed make an annual, rotating distribution to those organizations that serve causes to which they are designated.