Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey
Administrative Assistant

Though life took my family out west and I spent several years growing up in places like Arizona and Nevada, my roots began in Tipton, Indiana. It was those roots that my mother and I wanted to return to. So, in 2016, we packed up and moved from Idaho back to Indiana. This time, we chose to settle in a town called New Castle. We loved the location and how up-and-coming it felt. We love it in New Castle, and have been so happy we came here!

I have spent many years volunteering in nonprofit organizations. I have enjoyed helping at the Kootenai Human Society, AmeriCorps, Heritage Health, Dinosaur National Monument, Alzheimer’s Association, Care Net’s Rake ‘n’ Run, and I’m looking forward to finding more ways to serve in Henry County. I love giving back to the community!

I hope that working with at the Henry County Community Foundation will help immerse me into the local community and build lifelong connections. I have moved around a lot in my life, but I want to build my own foundation that connects me to the heart of the community in Henry County.

Fun Fact: I worked for over 12 years as a park ranger in 9 of our National Parks such as Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier.