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Monthly Giving to Create a Lasting Impact

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Meet Our Donors!

Who? Ginger Jessop Rains grew up in New Castle, attending high school, playing in the marching band, cheerleading, and enjoying the small-town experience. Though careers and commutes have taken her away from Henry County, the theater and marching band have stayed close to her heart.

Now, Ginger is working in private wealth management and financial planning. She lives in Carmel with her husband, Thomas Rains, and 2 children, Amara and Oliver. They remain tied to Henry County through their fund New Castle Trojan Band and Guard Fund for the Arts.

Why Give? Ginger found her time in band and theater to be very formative. After learning about the struggles and limitations the music department faced, she knew she wanted to do something to help.

“I remembered the experience I had in band, and I wanted to help others be able to have that. I want other kids to have the same opportunities I did. Initially, I thought I’d give to something someone else had already created, but at the time a fund for the arts didn’t exist.”

Why Give through the Foundation? After deciding that something needed to be done to help the music department long-term, Ginger went straight to the then-superintendent to ask how she could give, and she was directed to go next door to the Foundation.

“I like to think big in terms of vision. I wanted something that would continue to help for many years. It’s important to me to take the time to reflect on what’s meaningful and invest in something that has a lasting impact and can affect generations to come.”

Why Give Monthly?  After she initially started the fund, Ginger wanted to see it grow and start making a difference. So, she committed to giving a little bit each month, knowing that it wouldn’t affect her family’s lifestyle, but it would give back to the community she cares about.

“The biggest benefit of donating monthly is being able to set it and forget it. We are faced with so many decisions on a day-to-day basis. If there is something that I know that is important to me, then I want to do everything that I can to make it automatically part of my life. In this case, giving monthly makes it easier for me to accomplish something that matters. It’s easier to ask other people to join in and do something that I’m already doing myself.”

Why Give Now? Though Ginger is already committed to a monthly amount, she sees the value of giving extra when you can.

“If I want to give extra, I can always add an additional amount for year-end or memorial donations. The holidays are a great time to reflect on things that have made us who we are and the legacy we want to leave. Year-end giving is a great opportunity to pair taking care of your family with tax benefits through giving to a cause you care about. If there isn’t already something established that inspires you to give, then create something that does! Find something that lights you up. Have the courage and confidence to start something new and big. There are other people who want to give to the same cause. If you care, someone else will care. Have trust and confidence in that and move forward!”

Hear more from Ginger about what giving means to her in this video…