Internship Grant Program

Competitive grant funding for selected local nonprofits to support an intern(s).

How to Apply for a Non Profit Internship Grant through the Henry County Community Foundation


The Foundation is pleased to offer this pilot program. This will be a competitive grant that (x number of nonprofits) will be selected for participation. Those chosen will be granted up to $5,814 available from June 2022 through December 2022 to support an intern(s). The minimum hourly rate is $15.00, plus payroll expenses. There will be the expectation of future reports required to be provided, such as a financial report and an outcome report.

Non Profit Eligibility:

  1. The Non Profit must be legally established as a Non Profit who provides services in Henry County and a public charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. The Non Profit must have a board of directors or county committee that broadly represents Henry County.
  3. The Non Profit must be able to demonstrate that financial controls and procedures are in place to safeguard and account for its assets. (i.e. the ability to pay appropriate payroll taxes for intern.)

Student Eligibility:

Henry County residents, full or part-time undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in accredited two-year or four-year Indiana colleges or universities.

Application Process:

  1. Nonprofits will be required to submit a narrative stating their goals and objectives for their internship program.

2. Narratives should clearly articulate goals and objectives of the internship, a well-written job description that explains each intern’s duties, the number of interns expected during the period, and time frames and compensation. The narrative must demonstrate a sound strategy for supervising the interns.