Donating to the Henry County Community Foundation is an effective way to help you connect with charitable causes which matter the most to you and to help you achieve your personal philanthropic goals while enhancing the community of Henry County. Whether starting a new fund or donating to an existing fund the Henry County Community Foundation is ready to serve you.

Contributions to the Henry County Community Foundation are tax-exempt and you can be assured your donation, whether cash, stocks, annuity or trust, will be utilized according to your philanthropic interests.

As the cost of living increase, so do the needs within our community. Any gift, small or large, given to an existing fund or used to create a new fund will allow the Henry County Community Foundation to be a tool in meeting these needs. Please review the many flexible options the foundation offers to assist you in your philanthropic endeavors. The office staff is ready to assist you as you take steps to provide a bright future to our community.

Why should the Community Foundation be your philanthropic partner?

Staff members at the Henry County Community Foundation are ready to work together with you to provide the best services to your clients. While we work with you, you stay in control of your client relationships; we’re here to help. We will provide support, information, and expertise on charitable giving and technical support provided through PALS (Planned Giving Answers Online). We help you build stronger relationships and your clients will appreciate the charitable impact and tax advantages you help them achieve. Through our partnership, we help you connect across generations. When you help families establish a fund with us, you stay involved for generations.

Working with Clients

Some of the greatest opportunities to make charitable gifts arise when making major business, personal and financial decisions.

  • Year-end tax planning
  • Strategic giving
  • Sale of business
  • Closely held stock
  • High estate taxes
  • Retirement planning
  • IRA and 401k
  • Sale or disposition of highly appreciated assets
  • Major life altering event
  • Gifting through Insurance

Announcing a New Way to Give

Did you know that a small, monthly donation can have the same impact as a large, one-time donation?
Monthly giving has become a very useful and important way for donors like you to support the causes you care about.

As a monthly donor, you become part of the Foundation and advancing our mission of reaching where the needs are greatest in Henry County.

Learn more about this program and why monthly giving matters.