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Making a Difference in Your Own Backyard

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Making a Difference in Your Own Backyard: The Henry County Community Foundation and the Choose Henry Flex Fund

By: Jennifer Fox


Ever had that feeling like you want to make a real difference in your community, but aren’t sure where to start?

Imagine seeing your generosity ripple through Henry County, making our schools stronger, helping those in need, and even boosting the quality of life.

That’s exactly what the Henry County Community Foundation (HCCF) and the Choose Henry Flex Fund are all about! Think of us as the bridge between your big heart and the diverse needs of our community.

Your donations are pooled together with others, and the payout is used each year to fund amazing projects that make Henry County a better place for everyone.

Have you been for a walk on the Wilbur Wright Trail? The Choose Henry Flex Fund helped with that!

Maybe you loved exploring the Christmas Lights at the Arts Park? The Choose Henry Flex Fund was there for that too!

Or perhaps you’ve taken your kids to enjoy the great splash pad at Sunset Park? That was another Choose Henry Flex Fund grantee!

Choose Henry is there to tackle whatever comes our way, whether it’s building a storage facility for God’s Grain Bin, supporting an ADA-accessible playground at Wilbur Wright Elementary School, or helping with a new project like the Maker’s Market in Knightstown.

Donors to the Choose Henry Flex Fund have played a part in so many projects and programs over the years. Some of these projects might seem too big or too difficult to achieve.

But when you give to HCCF, this is the work you’re doing! Through the combined effort of all kinds of donors, even the big things are possible.

So, how can you make a difference in your own backyard?

By donating to the Choose Henry Flex Fund, you’re investing in the future of our community, the place where we raise our families, work hard and build memories. Every dollar you give has the power to make a real impact.

And guess what? Right now, donations to Choose Henry are being matched $2 for $1! That means your generosity goes even further. Talk about bang for your buck!

Ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Visit the HCCF website to learn more about the Choose Henry Flex Fund and see how you can make a difference.

Together, let’s choose flexibility, choose impact, and Choose Henry!