Teacher Excellence Award

Application opens: February 8, 2021

Application Due: March 26, 2021 at 5 PM

The Teacher Excellence Award is designed to recognize teachers who have demonstrated an unusual commitment to inspire students to reach for difficult and lofty goals.  Persons nominated will have earned the respect of students, parents and peers through sustained effort, high moral standards and the likelihood of enduring beneficial effects on the students with which they have worked.

Any current full-time teacher of a public school within Henry County is eligible for nomination.  Any persons including parents, students, peers and citizens of the community may make nominations.  Someone who has had a direct experience with the nominee must submit the online nomination form.


Preference will be given to nominations with the following characteristics:

  1.  The basis for nomination is consistent with the aims of the School Corporation (inspirational teaching, coaching, counseling or other service to students).
  2. The nomination addresses the extraordinary aspects of the nominee (exceptional creativity, extraordinary commitment to students, enduring interest and encouragement for the attainment of worthy objectives, exemplary character, role model, etc.).
  3. The nomination contains examples of the worthiness of the nominee.

View Teacher Excellence Award Guidelines

Nomination Procedures

The nominator should submit the Teacher Excellence Award Nomination online by March 26, 2021 at 5 pm.  The application opens online February 8th.

Retired teachers from outside the county review and score the nominations.  The teacher receiving the highest score will be presented the Teacher Excellence Award at their school’s honor day program.


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