Choose Henry Fund-Community Grants

The Henry County Community Foundation has two grant cycles per year, a Spring cycle and a Fall cycle.


A required letter of intent is due to the Foundation by February 15, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. The grants committee will review the letters of intent and invite selected organizations to submit a full application by March 15, 2024.

If you have any questions about completing the letter of intent, please contact Hilary at the HCCF office.


The HCCF accepts grant applications from non-profit organizations serving Henry County that were selected through the letter of intent process. If you received funding during the Fall 2023 cycle your organization is not eligible for 2024’s Spring Grant Cycle.  *Grants are not made to individuals.

Important Note: All HCCF grant applications are now online through Foundant Technologies.


Donors create funds designated to provide support for a particular purpose, program, or institution. Examples would include charitable organizations in Henry County and several community parks departments. As a community foundation, the Henry County Community Foundation addresses the broad needs in Henry County which include, but are not limited to, the following five categories:

  1. HEALTH AND MEDICAL – to include the support of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, not-for-profit health and medical-related programs including safety and wellness and recreational programs;
  2. SOCIAL SERVICES – to include the support of human service organizations, programs for children and youth, and services to the aged;
  3. EDUCATION – to include support for programs in pre-school, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, scholarships, and special education programs;
  4. CULTURAL AFFAIRS – to include the support of programs and facilities which are designed to establish a diversified county cultural program that offers widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation; and
  5. CIVIC AFFAIRS – to include the support of programs and facilities related to criminal justice, community development, employment, citizens’ involvement, leadership training, and other community activities.

Application Process

All grant applications will be reviewed by a Grants Committee member, including a site visit. Recommendations are made to the Board of Directors during the April and November meetings and decisions will be mailed to organizations within 48 hours.

It is the general policy of the Henry County Community Foundation to operate without discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex, or national origin in the overall administration of the Foundation and in the consideration of grant requests from agencies and organizations.