Our Story

Mission Statement

The Henry County Community Foundation, Inc. is a public trust which secures permanent funds for philanthropic purposes.  Our mission is to:

  • help where the needs are the greatest, and the benefits to the community and its citizens are most substantial;
  • provide public-spirited donors a vehicle for using their gifts in the best possible way now and in the future as conditions inevitably change; and
  • provide excellent stewardship of those gifts which it receives.

About the Foundation

Founded in 1985 as a resource and steward in philanthropy, the Foundation manages over $40 million in charitable assets and nearly 400 individual funds – each of which supports the unique charitable intent of the donor who established the fund. There is no minimum donation to an established Fund for a cause you care about. To date, the Foundation has awarded over $23 million in grants and scholarships and is a National Standards certified community foundation.

As a Community Foundation, the Henry County Community Foundation addresses the broad needs in Henry County which include, but are not limited to, the following five categories:

  • Health & Medical – to include the support of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, not-for-profit health and medical related programs including safety and wellness and recreational programs;
  • Social Services – to include the support of human service organizations, programs for children and youth, and services to the aged;
  • Education – to include support for programs in preschool, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, scholarships, and special education programs;
  • Cultural Affairs – to include the support of programs and facilities which are designed to establish a diversified county cultural program that offers widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation; and
  • Civic Affairs – to include the support of programs and facilities related to criminal justice, community development, employment, citizens’ involvement, leadership training, and other community activities

Historical Timeline


New Castle/Henry County Community Foundation Incorporated began on March 15, 1985

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  • First scholarship established by the family and friends of Derek Clark
  • First membership drive held with over 200 donors
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  • Lilly Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) challenge Phase 1 announced
  • Joan Stairs hired as Part Time Executive Director
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  • Completed first Lily challenge, requested more match money
  • Received project match grant to open Art Association of Henry County
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Changed name to the Henry County Community Foundation

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Joan Stairs retires and Herb Bunch is hired as Executive Director

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  • Completed Lilly GIFT Phase 1
  • Lilly GIFT Phase II announced
  • Assets reach $6,444,632
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  • Completed Lilly GIFT Phase II
  • Lilly GIFT Phase III announced
  • First TASC (Teens About Serving the County) meeting held
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  • Lilly GIFT Phase III completed
  • First Lilly Endowment Scholarship awarded
  • Assets reach $9,258,515
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  • Moved to 700 S. Memorial Drive, New Castle
  • Assets reach $13,851,311
  • Lily GIFT Phase IV begins
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  • Donors grew to 2000
  • Phase IV completed
  • Herb Bunch retires, Duke Hamm hired as Executive Director
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  • Lilly GIFT Phase V announced
  • Community Grants over $230,000 awarded
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  • Lily GIFT Phase V completed
  • 328 new donors
  • Assets reach $14,753,048
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  • Assets reach $18.9 million
  • Lilly GIFT Phase V completed
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Duke Hamm resigns, Jerry Schaeffer is hired as Executive Director

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  • Lilly grant for CAPE program
  • Lilly SRD match started
  • Assets reach $24,338,131
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  • First Women’s Tea held
  • Assets reach $27,507,925
  • National Standards Certification
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  • New branding and website
  • Grant for infrastructure on 400 S
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  • First part of SRD met—raising $600,00 for Unrestricted Fund for Community Grants
  • Recession reduces assets to $21,902,076
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  • $604,596 made in grants
  • Assets reach $25,984,642
  • Jerry Schaeffer announces retirement
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  • Celebrate 25th Anniversary
  • Beverly Matthews hired as Executive Director/President
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First Judy Melton Award presented to Herb Bunch

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HCCF partnered with Henry County Hospital Foundation and 6 couples to grant Medical Wing to new Henry County Ivy Tech campus

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  • First Women’s Grantmaking Gala
  • Assets $33,863,395
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Lilly GIFT VI announced[

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  • Completed Lily GIFT VI raised $541,382 for Unrestricted Fund for Community Grants
  • 476 Funds
  • 5,903 Donors
  • Celebrated 30th Anniversary with a $50,000 grant to early childhood education in Henry County
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