Teens About Serving the County (TASC) Youth Grant

The TASC Youth Grants Committee meets four times each school year, twice in the fall and twice in the spring. The TASC Committee includes one 8th grader, one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior from each of the five school districts in Henry County. Youth Grants Chairman, Rex Peckinpaugh, as well as two Foundation representatives, oversee the process and ensure basic parliamentary procedure is followed.


Any non-profit organization may apply for a TASC grant so long as the grant monies will be used for programs/projects benefiting the youth of Henry County, Indiana. Grant requests up to $2500.00.

Read TASC Guidelines for further information about what is required for organizations applying for grants.

Important Note: All HCCF Grant applications are now online through Foundant Technologies. Apply using the link below.


The TASC Committee critically evaluates each grant submission for purpose, scope, need, and viability. They then determine whether each grant will be accepted as is, partially funded, accepted with conditions, or denied. The TASC Committee grant recommendations are then taken to the Henry County Community Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors for final approval.

Due Dates

Grant CyclesApplication Dates
Cycle 1Friday, September 8 - Friday, October 13
Cycle 2Friday, November 3 - Friday, December 1
Cycle 3Friday, January 12 - Friday, February 9
Cycle 4Friday, March 8 - Friday, April 5
Applications are due by 12 pm (Noon) on the dates listed above.

Call our office at 765-529-2235 with any questions