I received a TASC grant, now what?


You have been approved for a TASC grant from the Henry County Community Foundation.

  1. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete and submit your grant agreement form.
  2. After the HCCF office receives the grant agreement form, a check will be produced unless stipulations to your grant require matching or special circumstances.
    1. If you are requested to match the grant money awarded, you must provide proof of new money raised after the grant approval date.  Only newly raised money will be used for a match.
    2. To provide proof of a match, you may submit deposit slips, financial reports of fundraising, etc. Please contact the office with any questions.
  3. Once you receive the grant monies and completed your project, you must submit a grant report form through your online TASC application on Foundant Technologies.
    1. If you purchase items, you need to provide receipts.
    2. To be eligible for future grants, you must submit a grant report form.