Become a TASC Youth Grant Committee Member

What is the TASC Youth Grants Committee?

The TASC Youth Grants Committee is composed of one student grades 8-12 from each of the five county schools. The committee receives grant requests (up to $2,500) from organizations working with youth to review and make recommendations on grant awards.

How does someone become part of the TASC Grants Committee?

TASC members are chosen during their eighth grade year by their prospective schools and remain on the committee through twelfth grade. Contact your local middle school counselor by September of your eighth grade year if you are interested in serving on TASC. An application, with parent signature, must be completed by a designated due date and returned to the counselor. Each school has determined their own process for selecting the 8th grade representative. Speak to your local middle school counselor for details.

Why should I become a TASC member?

  • Provides an opportunity to make a difference in your community
  • Looks great on college applications
  • Deepens your understanding of philanthropy and charity
  • Develop leadership, organizational, decision making and social skills.
  • It is FUN!