Benefits To Giving

The Benefits of Giving to the Henry County Community Foundation

Simplicity: One contribution to the unrestricted fund of the Community Foundation will address many charitable organizations and needs in Henry County.

Flexibility: The Community Foundation will, of course, honor a donor’s wishes regarding a designated beneficiary or area. However, if the intended purposes of the gift should ever become obsolete, the Foundation’s authority to amend provisions of the fund means it will be directed toward related concerns.

Tax Benefits: The Henry County Community Foundation, Inc. qualifies as a public charity under federal tax law. Thus, contributions qualify for maximum tax deductibility for income, gift, and state tax purposes.

Permanence & Continuity: A Gift establishing a permanent fund with the Community Foundation will continue to benefit the community well into the future. The size of a fund can be increased at any time through additional gifts.

Professional Management: The funds of the Community Foundation are invested and managed by professional investment managers. The Finance and Investment Advisory Committee of the Foundation review the performance of the managers on a regular basis to ensure the Foundation’s investment objectives are met.

Public Accountability: As a community foundation, funds are used for the public interest. All grants are publicly disclosed by the Foundation.