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A Mighty Community Fortified by Family Values

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Meet Our Donors!

Who: Amy Bunch Maddy was raised in a family that values giving back, connecting with the community, and education.

Her parents, Herb and Judy Bunch, both worked in New Castle Community Schools. After Herb retired from school administration, he took on the position of Executive Director of the Henry County Community Foundation. He served the Foundation for many years through a variety of roles, making a lasting difference in the community.

After graduating from college, Amy knew she wanted to come back to New Castle and follow in the footsteps of her parents as a local educator. She’s spent the last 28 years teaching and is currently a second-grade teacher at Parker Elementary School.

While teaching, she has also been raising her two children, Sarah and Sam, and sharing the legacy of giving back with the next generation.

Why Give? Amy credits her parents with instilling her with a heart for giving.

“Both of my parents always gave back. Through my dad’s involvement with the Foundation and the community, I saw the importance of the work being done and the way giving matters. His commitment and loyalty has really inspired me.”

Why Give through the Foundation? With an innate desire to make a difference in her community, Amy sees the Foundation as a great resource for her giving.

“I recognize all that the Foundation does. It has just grown and grown and grown throughout my lifetime. From my environment growing up to where I am now, I want to make my own commitment to helping our community grow. I love that it’s a lot of people working together to make a big difference. It doesn’t require everyone giving a huge amount. Every little bit matters!”

Why does community matter? Amy has always loved being a part of the community in Henry County. She’s proud of the growth over the years, and loves to see it thrive.

“There are so many people behind the scenes, working hard every day to make everything better and build it up. For a little community, we are mighty. When you think about all that we’ve been able to do and all that we give back, you see how great we are!”