Board Members Look Forward to the Future for Henry County

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As a lifelong, committed resident of Henry County, Susan Falck-Neal is eager to serve as board chair for the Henry County Community Foundation. Though she isn’t new to the Foundation, as she has served on and off the board since 2005, Susan has seen the results of projects both large and small that the foundation has been able to support within the county. “As we roll into a new year, with new leadership, I see new solutions that will continue to address the needs of Henry County in the most beneficial ways possible! I am excited to be a small part of such an impactful organization,” she shared.

Another Henry County native, Debi Ware, began her involvement with the Foundation as a volunteer on the Development Committee. She went on to serve on the Grants Committee, and now the Board of Directors. She expressed, “I love every part that the foundation stands for. Your gift keeps on giving forever, and to know that any money given will help students, businesses, not-for-profits, and many other organizations in our county forever is a good feeling!”

A transplant to Henry County, board member, Carrie Barrett, moved here when her husband, Matt, began working in the area. Since moving here, Carrie has made Henry County her home and is committed to see it grow. Carrie appreciates the Foundation as a leader in the community. She said, “I was asked to be on the board a few years ago and was so excited to be a part of helping Henry County not-for-profits.”

Although Susan, Debi, and Carrie have all been involved with the board at different points and for varying amounts of time, they all appreciate the work being done through the board and the Foundation.

Debi explained, “The Foundation is so open to help with needs in the entire county. We try hard to make sure of that. On the board and committees, we try to get volunteers from across the entire county so we are all represented. We have a great board and each and every one of us takes this position seriously. We have many requests that are placed in front of us to consider. We try hard to review, understand and make sure they fit within our mission statement. We are definitely not closed minded to any opportunity out there that’s presented to us.”

Carrie has seen the benefit of the Foundation to the community and is grateful for the work that has been done through grants provided by the Choose Henry Fund. “Money from the Foundation was used to create the LOVE sculpture downtown, to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses, and countless other projects, including training from Shafer Leadership Academy (SLA),” she shared.

It is the stories like this that Susan wants to see continue. She expressed, “The main thing is the phenomenal impact it has on Henry County. Its impact is in small things and in huge things. The perpetuity is forever. If you set it up, it’s going to keep giving back to the community forever.”

All three of these board members are looking forward to the future of the Board and the Foundation. They are investing their time, energy, and resources to continue the impact that this organization has on the community through the gifts of all of the donors involved.

While Susan would like to see bigger impacts, she also understands that we have to be true to our core and “serve the community where it needs to be served the most. We stick with what will benefit the community the most,” she shared.

Debi also sees the difficult time that the community has been facing and hopes that we are able to grow, learn, and come out stronger. She said, “We are here for Henry County and when needs arise, I certainly hope we can be there to be a part of the helping.”

And Carrie wants to see the board continue to be excited about all that is going on in Henry County. She expressed, “I hope that as a board, we can continue to unify Henry County and lead it to the best that it can be!”