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Come with a Smile, Get a Smile Back: Giving to Great Causes in Henry County

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Meet Our Donors!

Who: Frank Schwegman spent 42 years working in the world of banking. Though he has retired, he continues using his expertise in the field of finance by serving on the Henry County Community Foundation’s Finance Committee.

After he stepped away from banking, Frank was asked to be part of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. He recalls, “It was a very worthwhile experience. The organization is really meaningful to our community. I found it rewarding to serve as a board member.”

Having grown up in Cambridge City and Hagerstown, Frank has ties to both Wayne County and Henry County. So, when he was deciding where and how to give, he chose the Foundations of both communities.


Why Give?

Frank finds giving to be a great way to support your passions, no matter the size of the gift.

“You don’t have to give in big amounts. Every little bit helps. If you have a passion for something, you can support it through a fund. You can watch it grow and watch it help what you choose to set it up for. Watching the impact helps strengthen your giving. Don’t expect anything in return, just get the warm feeling that you’re helping out.”


Why Give Through the Henry County Community Foundation?


Frank sees the value in endowments and how they grow over time. He especially appreciates being able to give to the causes he cares most about.

“I like designated funds because I like to give to specific causes. That’s why I set up four small funds for four of the causes I care about, Healthy Communities for trails, the Henry County Animal Shelter, and the Art Association of Henry County, as well as a named fund within Choose Henry.”

Through his friendship with Jeff Ray, and the work being done to build trails in Henry County, Frank wanted to ensure that these trails would have the financing to be maintained. “I hope that perhaps others will also contribute to help the fund build and help with future maintenance.”

With the Art Association, Frank and his wife, Judy, enjoy all that it offers the community on a regular basis. “We thought it would be a great place to support for eternity!”

As for the Animal Shelter, Frank shared, “Who doesn’t love animals?”


Why give in Henry County?

Even though Frank grew up in another county and still has a heart for that community, he enjoys being in Henry County and supporting what it offers.

“I like the community! I like the county I live in. There are lots of fine, good people in Henry County that I enjoy and associate with. It’s been a great place to live! If a person comes with a smile, they get a smile back. I hope to live here a long time!”