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Doesn’t Overshadow Seniors’ Impact and Experience

When the initial mandatory pandemic shutdown was passed down to the public schools, so much was left unknown, especially for the class of 2020.  As time marched on, school would not resume and the end of high school careers would look a little different for this year’s senior class.  These graduates would no longer have the decision as to whether to participate in the infamous senior skip day and it would be deemed unsafe to host traditional graduations or parties celebrating 12 years of persistence and hard work.

For senior TASC members of HCCF, this presented another disappointment.   They would not host their final grant committee meeting, concluding five years of service to their communities.

However, senior Zoe Conway knows her experiences in TASC have proved to be very valuable as she has matured from a shy eighth grader to confident graduating senior. “Giving back to the community has always been very important to me, and TASC has been a perfect outlet for me. I was fortunate to have a voice in the decisions made and what we wanted to help support. It gave me a very rewarding feeling. Thankfully, we were able to help fund many projects that only had positive impacts and lasting effects on our community today,” says Zoe. “Meeting new people and having the experience of working together as a committee have helped me be involved in my community. TASC has taught me many things over the years. Working as a team, communication skills, how formal meetings should be ran, and how to think thoroughly before making a decision are just a few examples. I am forever grateful!”

A sentiment fellow senior Lexi LaMar echoes.  “Being a part of TASC has given me many opportunities to connect with incredible people and learn how to effectively and respectfully debate topics with them.”

While COVID-19 has taken away a lot from the class of 2020, it cannot steal the lessons, the impact, or the future. “Although my senior year was cut short by the pandemic, it has still been one of the best years of my life,” says Lexi.

2019-2020 TASC GRANTS
Impacting the Henry County Community

Blue River Valley Jr./Sr. High School                           Getting Our Read-On Down in the Valley
HOPE Initiative/Christian Love Help Center             Back to School Festival
National Boy Scouts of America                                    Outdoor Classroom
New Castle Family & Internal Medicine                      Reach Out and Read
New Castle-Henry County Public Library                  Warm Welcome to the Library
New Castle High School                                                    Indoor Percussion Equipment
New Castle High School                                                    Choirs: Technology Upgrade
Shenandoah High School                                                 21st Century Technology Upgrades
Shenandoah High School                                                NHS and FFA Operation Christmas
Shenandoah Middle School                                            Girls on the Run
Tri Jr./Sr. High School                                                        Sub Zero Nitrogen STEM Presentation
Turning Point Life Center- Little Blessings                Little Blessings Bags


2019-2020 TASC Committee Members

Senior: Zoe Conway (Vice Chair), Lexi LaMar (Assistant), Rylee Johnson (Secretary), Alyssa Northern (Secretary), Isaiah Steele (Chair)

Junior: Jace Carmack, Jackson Clapp, Elena Fries, Anna Hollingsworth, Kennedy Peggs

Sophomore: Emma Barr, Jaroden Cornes, Jordan Flynn, Connor Pyle, Cole Werking

Freshmen: Wyatt Barrett, Ryan Craig, Annabelle Searcy, Brian Walradth, Jordan Weddle

Eighth: Kennadi Kneply, Eli Sayre, Rylee Thompson, Becca Waggoner, Ashley Zody

The TASC Youth Grants Committee meets (typically) four times each school year, twice in the fall and twice in the spring. The TASC Committee includes one 8th grader, one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior from each of the five school districts in Henry County. Youth Grants Chairman, Rex Peckinpaugh, as well as two Foundation representatives, oversee the process and ensure basic parliamentary procedure is followed.