Giving to Causes You Care About

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Giving to Causes You Care About

By: Jennifer Fox


Are you passionate about an overall cause but unsure how to support it? This month we want to talk about a flexible fund that can help you reach your giving goals!

With a Field of Interest Fund, you can address needs in an area of the community without naming a specific charity. This allows the fund to remain flexible and make an impact where the needs are greatest within your chosen field of interest.

You simply identify the cause that you care about—charitable causes such as youth opportunities, the arts, or elderly experiences—and the Henry County Community Foundation will grant from your fund to nonprofit organizations and programs that doing great work in the defined area.

What are the benefits of starting a Field of Interest Fund?

  • All gifts made to your fund are fully tax-deductible.
  • The Foundation handles all the administrative and processing tasks with deposits and grants.
  • You can name the fund. It could be named in honor or memory of a loved one, your family name, or it can be a reflection of your values.
  • It’s flexible and ensures your gift is supporting organizations making impacts in your field of interest.

What does it take to establish a Field of Interest Fund?

Establishing a Field of Interest Fund can be built over time through monthly donations that ultimately reach the $5,000 minimum needed to begin grantmaking. This can be through personal contributions or a community effort.

Once the fund is endowed, gifts are then invested and stewarded to provide annual grant dollars to the projects and organizations that support the field of interest you have chosen.

Check out our next article to see the impacts being through Field of Interest Funds at your Community Foundation!