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Local Leader Makes a Lasting Impact: Todd Eversole Champions Choose Henry Flex Fund

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For years, Todd Eversole has been a contributing member of the New Castle community. Now, as a Board Member for the Henry County Community Foundation, he’s using his passion for giving back to make an even bigger difference.

“I’ve always been involved in the community,” Todd says, “and when the opportunity arose to join the Board, I was honored. It felt like a great way to be part of something truly special.”

But Todd’s commitment to his hometown extends beyond volunteering. He and his wife, Tami, actively seek ways to create positive change. That’s why they chose to support the Choose Henry Flex Fund through creating the Todd and Tami Eversole Named Fund.

“Tami and I discussed how we could best impact our community financially,” Todd explains. “The Choose Henry Flex Fund stood out. We can see the difference we are making as we look around at our beautiful county and be proud to know that we have a part in that”

The strength of Choose Henry lies in its adaptability. Donations support a broad range of needs, from operational grants for nonprofits to critical infrastructure projects. This flexibility allows the Community Foundation to address a wider variety of community concerns.

“The Choose Henry Flex Fund tackles a multitude of needs in our community, both big and small,”Todd emphasizes. “Whether you donate $50 or $10,000,” he says, “the Community Foundation will invest it wisely to make our community a better place. The difference is all around us, and you can be part of that.”

Todd concludes with a call to action: “By joining forces, we can truly make a difference in New Castle! Together, we are making our community a better place to live, work, and thrive.”

Now, with a matching gift opportunity, you have the potential to make an even greater impact throughout the years to come. You can create your own named fund within the Choose Henry Flex Fund for a fraction of the cost.

With donations to Choose Henry being matched $2 for every $1, you can open your own named fund within Choose Henry for $1,667.

Establishing a named fund is a meaningful way to continue giving back to your community. While you can still give back without a named fund, this is a chance for you to leave a legacy in your name or in the name of someone you love.

By utilizing this match, you’re helping to bring the full $750,000 in match money from Lilly Endowment into our community. If you want to make the most of this opportunity, give us a call at 765-529-2235. We’d love to help you make a difference in Henry County!