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Local Students Hatch Excitement with “Chick-It-Out” Program

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Local Students Hatch Excitement with “Chick-It-Out” Program

Imagine the scene: excited chirps filling a classroom, drawing wide-eyed smiles from students. This magical experience isn’t a fairytale, but the reality of the “Chick-It-Out” program, bringing the wonder of life cycles into schools.

For over 25 years, classrooms like Mrs. Myers’ Tiny Trojans Pre-K have participated in this program, a collaboration with the Purdue Extension/4H Office. For one month, students witness the amazing journey from egg to chick, learning valuable vocabulary and gaining a deeper understanding of nature.

“It is such a wonderful way to show children the life cycle of a chicken while also giving them a small taste of farm life.,” Mrs. Myers reflects,

emphasizing the program’s unique value. “They’re hands-on participants, witnessing the transformation. There is always such excitement through the whole school when they hatch!”

In 2023, this incredible opportunity was supported by a grant from the TASC committee at the Henry County Community Foundation.

Teens About Serving the County (TASC) is a group of dedicated Henry County students from each school district who carefully evaluate grant proposals for programs that benefit youth and children in our community.

With funding provided by the Choose Henry Flex Fund, TASC hosts four grant cycles each school year. They examine the purpose, scope, need, and viability of every application. Their final recommendations are taken to the HCCF Board of Directors for official approval before being awarded to the grantees.

Youth Grants Chairman, Rex Pexinpaugh, along with two HCCF members, oversee the process and ensure the procedure is followed while allowing the students to grow and learn together in grant decision-making.

The “Chick-It-Out” program is just one example of the impact of Choose Henry donors. It’s about more than just hatching chicks; it’s about fostering a love for learning, a connection with nature, and creating lasting memories.

And you can be a part of it! By donating to the Choose Henry Flex Fund, you


join forces with other caring individuals to make a real difference in Henry County.

So, let’s continue hatching excitement, together. Donate to the Choose Henry Flex Fund today and be a part of meaningful programs like this one, shaping the future of our community’s young minds through grants from TASC.