Make an Impact for Your Favorite Nonprofit through a Designated Fund

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Did you know you can guarantee the nonprofit(s) you care about receives support, forever, through a designated fund at the Henry County Community Foundation?

A designated fund is exactly how it sounds.  You, the donor, designate what organization(s) you wish to support.  The Foundation invests your gifts and grants a portion of the earnings every year—forever.   You can create this fund now or with your estate plan.  It is really that easy!

How does this help the nonprofit?  Because you have taken the steps to establish a designated fund, the nonprofit is guaranteed an income forever.  This helps alleviate some of the stress of yearly fundraising.

How does this help you, as a donor?  First, you can know that the organization you support with a yearly donation will continue to receive your ‘gift’ even after you are gone—your legacy of support continues. Second, donations to the Foundation can be used to help you (or your family) through tax deductions.

If you have a favorite charity you admire or appreciate for the work they do in the community, a designated fund can help you continue be able to support them endlessly.

Stay tuned for our next article to read about one designated fund that has made a difference for local nonprofits over the years.