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Monthly Giving: A Great Way to Support Causes You Care About

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Giving makes you feel good. It’s true. When you give, it activates the part of the brain that makes you feel good. It’s proven to decrease blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Imagine what it would be like to experience that every month.

Christy Ragle has found that monthly giving is providing that good feeling for her while it’s also making an impact in the community she cares about.

It all started when New Castle Schools saw a need for more preschool opportunities in the area. So, they took a leap and opened the Tiny Trojans preschool. Understanding the importance of a preschool experience for our early learners, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Elementary Programs, Sherri Bergum, wanted to make sure Tiny Trojans was available to any family in Henry County. That’s when she came to the Foundation and started a fund that provides scholarships to help families be able to afford this new venture.

When Christy heard about the opportunity to give, she knew right away that this was something she and her husband, Will, would like to support. “With Will having taught for 29 years, education is something we value. These kids are our future workforce. It’s so important for them to have a strong foundation,” explained Christy.

Making the decision to give to the fund was one step in the process. When Christy went online to make their one-time gift to the cause, she saw the option to become a monthly donor. “I thought about being able to continually support a student and help their family be a part of this program, and I knew I wanted to set something up to give to the fund monthly. It’s great that I can do it one time and then know it will keep going on without having to think about doing it. ”

The ease of checking the box to become a monthly donor for a good program is wonderful. But, for Christy, the greatest highlight of becoming a monthly donor is knowing that she is a part of something bigger. She shared, “Now, whenever I see something about the Tiny Trojans program, it feels really good to know that I’m helping and making a difference for a family in our community.”

What cause do you care about? You can set up an automatic, monthly donation to continually give back to that cause… Give a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season!

Learn more about becoming a Monthly Sower with our Seeds of Hope giving program on our website.