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More Than Just Summer Fun: How the Salvation Army Camp Changes Lives Thanks to Support from the Choose Henry Flex Fund

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More Than Just Summer Fun: How the Salvation Army Camp Changes Lives Thanks to Support from the Choose Henry Flex Fund

By: Jennifer Fox

To Beth Stamper, director of the Salvation Army, summer camp is more than just a program – it’s a lifeline for local kids. For over 20 years, Beth has witnessed the camp’s transformative impact.

The Salvation Army’s summer camp offers a haven for children during the summer months, a time when childcare options are scarce. The program goes above and beyond, taking children on enriching field trips. These trips expose them to new experiences, like visiting Fair Oaks Farm and witnessing a calf being born, enjoying the splash pad in Knightstown, or taking part in the activities at the Art Association.

Beth emphasizes the importance of these experiences, stating, “A lot of our kids don’t get to explore new places very often. We love to take our kids to see things that are different than what they’re used to.”

The impact of the summer camp extends far beyond the summer months. For Beth, it’s about empowering children and helping them break cycles of poverty. She says, “I want the kids to see that they are masterpieces, and they are capable of anything and everything that they can imagine.”

The program fosters a sense of possibility in the children. By giving them positive experiences and instilling a sense of self-worth, the camp sets them on a path for future success. This includes kids like Heather, a camper who overcame abuse and neglect, finding stability, purpose, and success as an adult. Heather credits the camp with helping her realize her value and remembers the difference it made in her life.

Beth expressed, “I wish everyone could see these kids grow up over the years, become teen helpers, and go out working in the world. I stay in touch with them and go to weddings and baby showers and see how they thrive. This camp makes an impact on them. They become positive influences. I think programs like this help our kids experience life and see what they’re worth.”

But keeping the program running with enriching experiences isn’t easy. Without money in their tight budget for extra things like day trips around the county or the gas needed to travel to Parker Elementary School every day for the free lunch program, the Salvation Army relies on community support.

Last summer, a grant from the Choose Henry Flex Fund made a world of difference. “Without the help of the Foundation, camp wouldn’t have been possible,” Beth explains. “We wouldn’t be able to take the kids on field trips or even to get free lunch. Without the grant, we would be extremely limited.”

The Salvation Army’s summer camp exemplifies the transformative power of the Choose Henry Flex Fund. Grants from the fund allow the Salvation Army to offer a vital program, changing children’s lives one summer at a time.

By supporting Choose Henry, donors are investing in the future of the community and ensuring that kids from all walks of life get to experience summer camp, a place where they realize their value and build lasting memories.

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