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Passion for Nonprofits leads Cash Family to the Choose Henry Flex Fund

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Sometimes life sends us places we weren’t planning to go. College and careers can take twists and turns we didn’t expect. That was certainly the case for the Cash family.

Jerry and Ladona Cash both grew up in Henry County, graduating from New Castle and Spiceland. They chose to settle back down in Spiceland and raise their family here. While Ladona spent some time as a legal secretary, she retired from Draper to start her job as a stay-at-home grandma.

But Jerry’s work life took some more turns. When he graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Advertising Design, he didn’t know that he would never pursue a career in that field.  After completing his degree, he began working at the Chrysler plant in New Castle and stayed until it closed. That is when his journey in public service started.

From the Health Department to the New Castle Housing Authority, Jerry has served on boards and on staff for multiple organizations. His experience has given him opportunities to really engage with the work being done in the county. He shared, “Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in a number of nonprofits. I have a strong connection to that world and what they’re trying to accomplish.”

And what they’re trying to accomplish can’t be done solely through the local, state, or federal government. Jerry expressed, “The government can’t do everything. It always comes back to the local community to fill in the gaps and provide the needs and services that aren’t necessarily provided by the government.”

It’s that connection to the nonprofit world and understanding of the need for community support that led Jerry to the Henry County Community Foundation. Having been involved in applying for and receiving grants, he has seen projects completed and organizations grow.

Through that nonprofit viewpoint, Jerry began to understand the far reach of the Foundation. “I realized that the Foundation is one of the few organizations in the county that can bring other organizations to the table. When you give money to the Foundation, you’re working with everyone in the community,” Jerry explained.

While Jerry is now retired, he continues to serve on boards for organizations like HCCF, Healthy Communities, and Hope Initiative. In fact, this passion for local nonprofits and heart for the community brought Jerry and Ladona to become consistent donors at HCCF. By setting up a named fund in the Choose Henry Flex Fund, they can watch their gift grow over time and reach needs all throughout Henry County.

“When you give through the Choose Henry Flex Fund. It has the flexibility that we need to assist the community in a variety of ways,” said Jerry. That’s exactly what their donations will do.

Thanks to donors like the Cash family, our community will continue to thrive!

Hear more from Landona and Jerry about what giving means to them in this video…