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Remembering Robert and Impacting the Lives of Students

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New Castle Choir Trip 2022

Every student comes from a different background with a different set of needs and possibilities. Though students are given opportunities to venture away from home and try new things, not all of them will be able to afford the costs.

While the New Castle High School choir was planning for their 2022 spring break trip to perform at Disney World, then Director, Mathew Hurst, found a need for a few of the students. He shared, “Some of these students had never left the state or even the county. This is a chance for them to go experience new things and feel what it’s like to perform in these larger settings. I did what I could to make sure that everyone who wanted to go could get there.”

Thankfully these students didn’t have to look too far to find help. Funds at the Henry County Community Foundation have been created with these very needs in mind. When Sally Howard’s husband, Robert, passed away, she wanted a way to help the community and carry on his memory. “The Foundation seemed like a great place to go,” she said. She knew she wanted to help youth in our community. So, she set up a Field of Interest Fund. “I hope that in its own small way, it can help youth do things they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do.”

Over the years, the fund has done exactly what Sally set out to do. It has helped both band and choir students participate in exciting adventures and learning experiences. She was thrilled that the fund she created was able to make a way for a student to be a part of something they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise through supporting their trip with the choir to perform at Disney World. She emphasized, “It means the world to me!” Not only does it mean the world to Sally, but it meant so much to the students she helped.

“I’m really thankful that this fund was available to us to help our students experience something new. It’s so important that students have opportunities like this to step out of their comfort zones and learn in a new setting. I know our kids are grateful for the funding to provide this trip for them,” expressed Mr. Hurst.

While Sally set out to carry on the memory of her husband, she’s also constructing change for local students. By assisting with the costs of events for choir and band, she has made a difference in the lives of students that will last for a lifetime.

Since this article was written, Sally Howard has passed away. We remember her fondly as a donor and volunteer with the Foundation. This fund will help carry on her legacy of giving back to her community for years and years to come.