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Rooted in Reading Blossoms at Tri Elementary Thanks to Choose Henry Flex Fund Grant

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Tri Elementary School’s youngest learners are flourishing in literacy thanks to a grant from the Choose Henry Flex Fund with the Henry County Community Foundation. Recognizing the critical importance of early literacy and fostering a love of reading from a young age, the kindergarten teaching team envisioned the “Rooted in Reading” program. However, this vision needed fertile ground to grow.

Inspired by the need within their learning community, the team at Tri Elementary applied for a grant from the Henry County Community Foundation. This grant from the Choose Henry Flex Fund provided the essential resources to bring “Rooted in Reading” to life.

The funding from the grant empowered Tri Elementary to purchase a brand new book for each kindergartener entering the 2023-2024 school year. This seemingly simple act had a profound impact. As Principal Emily Hamm warmly welcomed their “tiniest Titans,” they were equipped not only with the tools to learn, but also with a springboard to ignite a lifelong love of reading.

The impact extended beyond the classroom walls. The “Rooted in Reading” program fostered a powerful connection between home and school. Each child received their own book, creating a shared experience for both students and their families. Parents and guardians could nurture their child’s developing literacy skills by reading together, fostering a love of stories, and building a strong foundation for future academic success.

Mrs. Hamm expressed their deep gratitude for the grant assistance, “We, Tri Elementary School, will always be so grateful for the support provided by the Foundation and the willingness to partner in such powerful opportunities to empower our youth.”

Are you passionate about programs for local youth? Our TASC (Teens About Serving the Community) Committee utilizes funds from the Choose Henry Flex Fund to support the youth of Henry County. Now, with our match from Lilly Endowment, Inc., when you give to the Choose Henry Flex Fund, your donation is tripled, making an even greater impact.