Freeburg Family Sports Scholarship

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Inspired by their athletic grandchildren, long-time New Castle residents, Jeep and Bette Freeburg, have created the Freeburg Family Sports Scholarship. This scholarship is set to help a graduating senior from a Henry County high school, who is a sports athlete.


1. Sports Athlete

Required Attachments:

  1. General Application

2. Transcript

3. College Acceptance Letter

4. Two Letters of Recommendation (from High School Principal, High School Guidance Counselor, Teacher, Minister, Employer, etc.)

5. Completed Financial Section


1. Application is incomplete (missing any of the above attachments)

2. Application is not submitted by the due date: February 3, 2020, 5pm

IMPORTANT:  The Henry County Community Foundation will not send checks to the college choice until a thank you has been received at the foundation, addressed to the individual provided on the award letter.  The foundation will mail the thank you note/card to the appropriate individual.