The Ragle family

Meet the Ragle family: Trevor, Titus, Will and Christy.  Their story is familiar to many, two working parents, two teenagers who are multi-sport athletes and actively involved in young Life, FCA and youth group.  The days run together as work, school, and extra-curricular activities consume schedules.  Calendars fill up quickly and the idea of squeezing one more item into the daily routine seems unrealistic.  However, the Ragle family isn’t too busy to give back to their community.

In July, Will and Christy Ragle became familiar with Henry County Community Foundation’s (HCCF) Match Day, where funds were collected and matched for nonprofits in our community.  They seized the opportunity to challenge their sons to learn about each organization and to donate their own earnings to one of the ten charities participating.  Will and Christy agreed to match their son’s donations while donating to their own chosen organization.

The Ragle family each took a few minutes out of their busy schedule to learn more and donate through HCCF.  They understand the importance of giving back.

Trevor said it best, “I have lived in Henry County my whole life.  Organizations in Henry County have always been supportive of our community becoming a better place.  I was happy to give to the Henry County Community Foundation match Day in order to help continue to make Henry County a wonderful place to live.”

We can all learn from the Ragles.  Being philanthropic is not defined by schedules, gender, age demographics, financial earnings, educational level or profession.  Being charitable is defined by the desire of giving back in a way most meaningful to you.

We hope you take the opportunity to challenge your family and friends to be giving and donate to your favorite fund at the Henry County Community Foundation.  Each donation makes a difference!