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The Right Tools to Grow a Fund and Provide Opportunities for Students

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The cost of a college experience has been steadily increasing over the years, making attaining a higher degree more and more difficult for students.

Doug Reeves saw that existing scholarships, though helpful, needed to be stronger and last longer to make a difference for Henry County students. Doug and his sister, Delinda Caldwell, decided to work together and create a scholarship along with a donation from their mother. He shared, “We wanted to increase the amount in the scholarships given out and provide it for each of the four years that the students are working on their degrees. We wanted to give options to people who might not have them.”

Doug and his wife, Myrna, grew up in Knightstown and think highly of the education they received. The family scholarship fund serves as a way to acknowledge his opportunities by helping to provide them for others.

During their time in the Knightstown area, Doug served on the board of directors with the Henry County Community Foundation. He could see what scholarships were capable of in the community, and he understood the value of an endowment. Doug explained, “It’s amazing how a fund can grow. What started as a $126,000 gift in 1986 has grown into over $1,000,000 by using the tools available with endowed funds. Some people aren’t sure about giving because they think their gift is too little or insignificant. But to the student who receives the scholarship, it’s not insignificant.”

Knightstown graduate Riley Hollars found her scholarship to be very significant. “It showed me that the work I put in throughout high school was worth it. I felt like my academic dreams were validated. I now had a greater education opportunity without worrying about paying for it. It opened doors for me.”

The scholarship allowed Riley to study what she was truly passionate about: English Literature, Creative Writing, and Spanish. “The Foundation is doing so much for community members seeking higher education. The freedom from the financial burden has allowed me to enjoy my education and see it as a blessing. I strive to fulfill my expectations and honor the donors through my actions and efforts.”

Students like Riley can experience the financial relief that comes with a four-year scholarship thanks to scholarships like the Reeves Foundation Scholarship with the Henry County Community Foundation. Through the tools of giving, planning, and endowment fund growth, the Reeves family has been able to make a difference in the lives of Knightstown High