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Beyond Board Membership: Corey Murphy Gives Back through Monthly Donation to HCCF

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For Corey Murphy contributing to Henry County has always been more than just a responsibility – it’s a passion that fuels his desire to make a positive difference. In 2023, his passion for Henry County took a leap forward when he joined the Board of Directors for the Henry County Community Foundation. This wasn’t just an honor – it was a turning point.

Corey’s involvement stemmed from his work with the Economic Development Corporation, a previous recipient of the Foundation’s Choose Henry Flex Fund grant cycle. Witnessing firsthand the Foundation’s positive impact on the county’s economic development ignited Corey’s desire to be more involved.

However, Corey’s journey didn’t stop at board membership. The Foundation’s unwavering commitment to education, particularly for its board members, deeply impressed him. “The training and education offered to the Foundation board members opened my eyes to the depth of impact and prompted me to become a monthly donor,” Corey shared.

Yet, one specific program resonated most strongly with Corey: the Choose Henry Flex Fund. This flexible fund allows the Foundation to address unforeseen critical needs and enhance the overall quality of life for residents. As Corey conveys, “Through this fund, the Foundation can partner with the community to solve problems and invest in our quality of life.”

Corey’s story exemplifies the power of the Foundation’s collective impact model. His monthly contributions, combined with those of others, fuel the Foundation’s ability to support a vast array of initiatives. This, in turn, fosters a thriving and resilient Henry County.

But Corey’s story goes beyond personal inspiration. It’s a call to action.

“The Foundation’s collective impact is powerful,” Corey emphasizes, “but it can grow even stronger with more support.”

Inspired to make a difference? Learn more about the Foundation and the Choose Henry Flex Fund at Together, let’s create a lasting impact on our community.