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Every Dollar Makes a Difference: Why Donors to the Henry County Community Foundation Matter

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The Henry County Community Foundation wouldn’t be here without amazing people like you. Your generosity goes way beyond the dollars and cents – it fuels our ability to support local causes and empower organizations that help our community thrive.

Last year, the Foundation gave out $1.8 million in grants and scholarships. These grants funded essential programs for everything from education and healthcare to art and the environment, directly impacting countless lives and making Henry County an even stronger, more vibrant place.

But what really makes the Foundation special is the spirit of giving that connects all our donors. Every single contribution, no matter the size, becomes part of a legacy of generosity that’s been building for years. It’s a powerful reminder of how much our community cares about its future.

Here’s the thing: every little bit truly counts. In 2023, 79% of the gifts made to HCCF were $100 or less, and those donations fuel the grantmaking into our community! That’s the magic of coming together as a community – everyone’s desire to see our community flourish adds up in a big way. When you read the exciting stories about large donations, it might seem like smaller gifts do not matter. I hope this assures you that they do matter!

When you donate to the Foundation, you’re not just making a one-time gift, you’re joining a long line of generous people who helped shape Henry County, and becoming part of a future where countless others will continue to invest in its growth.

We offer different ways to give, so you can choose what works best for you. Whether it’s a one-time donation, setting up a special fund in your name, or making regular monthly contributions, your gift will be used responsibly to support causes you care about.

So, the next time you think about giving back, remember that your contribution, big or small, joins a powerful force for good. You become part of a community of generous individuals, past, present, and future, all working together to build a brighter Henry County for everyone.