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Grant Helps Spread the LOVE with Local Nonprofit

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By: Kathryn Perry

When life hits a rough patch, we all need someone to help pick us back up and give us that second chance. 

Places like Christian Love Help Center are working hard to be that second chance for families in our community. The board director, Sandy Jones, has been involved with Christian Love from the beginning. The shelter, the pantry, and everything they do came out of a Bible study. Sandy told us that her pastor challenged her and others to “treat people with dignity.” 

The head of public relations, Joyce Harris, became involved because she wanted to help people. Both of these ladies, along with many others, volunteer countless hours every week with the goal of making a difference. Joyce emphasized, “If you see a need, meet that need. If you can help one person then you are making a difference.”

They aim to create a level playing field for people transitioning out of jail and prison through their shelter for women and children. They want to offer a second chance, regardless of the past. Joyce believes that these people are eager to give back to society and make a positive difference. She tells them that they just need a chance and that they should never give up on themselves. Once these women get back on their feet, many of them volunteer until they are able to find a job.

Christian Love can’t do this work alone. Joyce and Sandy agree that what Christian Love offers comes from a community effort. Joyce shared, “Local businesses help us do what we do. Restaurants give us extra food. Every little thing helps.” 

A recent grant from the Choose Henry Flex Fund grant cycle at the Community Foundation was able to provide some of the help needed to expand the reach of Christian Love. 

Sandy stated that the greatest impact the grant had was that Christian Love was able to “house families temporarily and help some people transition where we wouldn’t normally have it in the budget.”

The grant made it possible to buy food and school supplies for kids, cleaning supplies, furniture, an AC Unit in windows, and operational supplies. “Without the Foundation’s help, we would be upside down most of the time,” expressed Joyce.

Donors to the Henry County Community Foundation are a part of this great work. Your generosity has allowed Christian Love to house families temporarily, help people transition to a new life, and provide food, school supplies, and other essentials to those who are struggling.

When you give to the Choose Henry Flex Fund, you can construct change in Henry County and make a real difference in the lives of people in our community.

Thank you for giving people a second chance.