New Castle Class of 1963 is “Paying it Forward”

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class63Lana (Bouslog) Enlow and her fellow classmates from the New Castle Class of 1963 knew they wanted to give back to the community that had raised them.  Finding a way to do this and meet all their varied interests posed a dilemma until Lana suggested the Unrestricted Fund for Community Grants at the Henry County Community Foundation.

“We have classmates who still live within the New Castle city limits but others live in the county.  Some classmates have strong interest in animals while others strongly support youth initiatives.  The best way to cover various locations as well as meet different interests was to invest in the Unrestricted Fund because it grants to organizations all over the county,” said Lana.

Starting in 2008, classmates began giving donations as small as $5 to help bring the New Castle Class of 1963 Named Fund to endowment level.  In conjunction with their 50th class reunion in 2013, Susie Fleet Beckett organized an auction, items donated by members of the Class of 1963, with proceeds benefiting the fund while Lana and Mike Adkins mailed letters to classmates giving everyone a chance to be involved in the fundraising efforts.  “In the letter we emphasized the importance of supporting our community, the community that raised us,” said Lana.  “The response to the letter and auction was incredible.  We raised over $4,800 and met our goal.”

The Class of 1963 has found supporting the Unrestricted Fund for Community Grants has been a good thing.  “When we read the list of organizations supported by grants, we know our class has impacted all of them,” stated Lana. “Every little bit helps and we are glad to know that we are making a difference.”