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Uplifting Henry County: The Story of Fred and Nancy Lewis and the Up Daisy! Fund

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Fred and Nancy Lewis are longtime residents of Henry County, Indiana, and their commitment to their community shines brightly. When they heard about the Henry County Community Foundation’s Lilly Match program, which triples the impact of their donation, they saw an opportunity to take their support to the next level.

Inspired by the phrase “Upsa Daisy,” which they often used to reassure and uplift their loved ones, Fred and Nancy established the Up Daisy! Fund within the Choose Henry Flex Fund. This fund embodies their desire to provide a helping hand and a sense of hope to those in need throughout Henry County.

Nancy’s experience as part of nonprofit organizations over the years has given her firsthand knowledge of how crucial grant funds are. She’s witnessed the positive impact Choose Henry has on countless lives, lifting spirits and ensuring that vital programs can continue their essential work.

The Up Daisy! Fund isn’t just a one-time donation; it’s a lasting legacy. This named fund will continue to grow and join with other named funds in Choose Henry to distribute grants year after year, even after Fred and Nancy are gone. This ensures a steady stream of support for causes they care about.

The match from Lilly Endowment Inc. played a significant role in their decision. It allowed them to maximize their contribution, making it possible to give an “Up Daisy!” to Henry County. Together, they can create a ripple effect of positive change.

Fred and Nancy Lewis are a powerful example of how individuals can make a significant difference in their communities. Through their generosity and vision, the Up Daisy! Fund will continue to uplift Henry County, offering hope and support to those who need it most.

Imagine tripling your impact and leaving a legacy for years to come. The Choose Henry Flex Fund’s matching gift opportunity makes it possible!

For a limited time, donations to Choose Henry are matched $2 for every $1 you give. This means you can create your own named fund within the Choose Henry Flex Fund for just $1,667 (originally $5,000).

Here’s why a named fund is special:

  • Leave a legacy: Honor yourself, a loved one, or a cause you care about.
  • Meaningful giving: Your fund will continue to support Henry County for years to come.
  • Maximize your impact: Help us reach the full $750,000 matching gift from Lilly Endowment Inc.

Don’t miss this chance to make a real difference! Call us at 765-529-2235 and let’s create a lasting impact together.