Working Together for Philanthropy Day through the Choose Henry Flex Fund

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When you make a donation you want to know that the gift you have given will make a difference. And sometimes when your gift amount seems small to you, you wonder if it will make a difference.

When you give to the Choose Henry Fund at the Henry County Community Foundation you can be guaranteed that your gift will make a difference, no matter the size.

The Choose Henry Flex Fund was established to give an avenue for donors to combine their gifts to provide grantmaking dollars for Henry County.  Each year nonprofits are selected to receive grants of various sizes to impact their service area.

If you give to the Choose Henry Flex Fund, you can be a part of projects like bringing an Ivy Tech campus to Henry County, revitalizing community spaces like the Arts Park, or smaller but still impactful projects at numerous nonprofits across Henry County.

A gift to the Choose Henry Flex fund is a great investment in our community because you don’t need to worry about knowing what the most pressing need is now or in the future. The Community Foundation has an 18-person grant committee that investigates all of the grant requests to select grants which will be impactful to the organization and the community.

National Philanthropy Day is coming up on November 15th. This day signifies the importance of working together for the common good.

What better way to come together than through the Choose Henry Flex Fund where every dollar given matters, and every gift grows forever.

Stay tuned for our next article to hear how these grant dollars are making a difference in our community.